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A snapshot of the City's infrastructure budget.

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Find projects in your neighborhood.

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Get details on projects that interest you.

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Find out how much a project costs.


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Support projects

Support projects your neighborhood needs. Tell your planning group your priorities. The planning group will use this in making their recommendations. The city will also use this and the planning group's recommendations to decide which projects to fund. On-line support is great but participating in your planning group's conversation can be more powerful. Find your planning group and get involved.

Comment on projects

Indicating your support for projects is important but offering your personal insights can be more helpful. Explain why you support a project or perhaps how it should be changed. Your planning group and the City needs to hear from you.

This is your chance to support the infrastructure projects you think are most important in your neighborhood.

The projects are those that were identified by your community planning group in October 2012.


About us

Code for San Diego

We are the software development group affiliated with Open San Diego, which is a larger group of San Diegans who meet regularly to share knowledge and collaborate on all sorts of projects to make our region a better place to live.

This site is not directly affiliated with the City of San Diego in any way but the the City has cooperated with our group in its development.

Any personal information you provide is made public. You may comment anonymously, and any personal information you provide is strictly opt-in. We do not collect email addresses, but be conscious that if you include your email address in your comments, it can be retrieved by third-parties who may use it for their own purposes.

In the meantime, please be thoughtful and please share this with your friends and neighbors. The more folks that participate the more we will learn and improve this app.

Also, don't forget to attend your local community planning group as they are developing new infrastructure recommendations. Meetings are being held from July to September. Find your planning group here:

This app is developed by the San Diego Brigade of Code for America on a volunteer effort.

Thanks for trying out San Diego CIP Citizen Engagement App and Shareabouts!